Observations and Musings of a Retired Scientist and Humanist

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Essays and Commentary on Politics

Higher Education Reform

Most high school graduates can benefit from post-secondary education. But the one-size-fits-all traditional 4-year college experience may not be appropriate for everyone.

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The Problem with Compromise

Compromise is essential for a democracy to function properly, but compromise works only when all parties recognize its importance and are willing to negotiate.

No Room for Arrogance

The predominant attribute in the American political scheme of late (2017) is arrogance. A little humility might go a long way in addressing our legislative stale-mate and restoring our democratic ideals. 

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Venus Vacation

Sorry, but the Sience is IN...Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. All climate change skeptics should take a vacation to Venus and see how they like it.

Fake News

Fake news and alternate reality issues have always been useful tools for charlatans to persuade the delusional. But recently it has become fodder for a large percentage of our population. 

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Psychology of Fact vs. Fiction

Recent research in psychology has begun to shed light on why it is so difficult to change a person's strongly held beliefs even when confronted by overwhelming evidence. It helps explain why voters often vote against their own best interests.