Observations and Musings of a Retired Scientist and Humanist

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Dan Bishop was awarded a Boettcher Foundation (full ride) scholarship on graduation from Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver and chose to use the scholarship at the University of Colorado in Boulder where he received his B.A. degree in Chemistry. After a short stint as a chemist at the Sherwin-Williams plant in Emeryville, California, he moved his young family to Lawrence, Kansas where he earned his Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry.

Dan subsequently taught college chemistry and computer science classes at several colleges over the course of 20 years, finally retiring from the Chemistry Department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins where, as Associate Professor, he was director of the undergraduate organic chemistry laboratories. He is the author of two organic chemistry laboratory manuals written during this period.

Over the years, Dan picked up sufficient programming skills to enable him to pursue his entrepreneurial interests by starting a computer consulting and programming business, writing computer instructional articles for national popular computer magazines, producing a videotape programming course, "C for Programmers", that was distributed by CSU's Department of Continuing Education, and teaching a variety of computer courses for both CSU and Colorado Mountain College. Dan has also written and co-authored "Understanding Spanish Irregular Verbs" with Dr. Juan Gonzales.

Now retired and living with his wife Ann in Salida, Colorado, he is studying the many intricate aspects of painting and drawing and learning to play the cello. He figures these two activities should keep him well occupied for his remaining years. His art work can be seen on his other website, www.miritishstudio.com .